You can find us in Grabouw town and the farming communities in Elgin Valley, a short 80 km’s drive from Cape Town in South Africa.

Grabouw and the broader Elgin Valley are agricultural areas and home to South Africa’s largest fruit production. Many people travel to the area from other provinces looking for seasonal work on the farms, which consists mainly of fruit picking or fruit harvesting. However, few are lucky enough to find employment, and if they do, the seasonal character of the work means that many families are without an income for more than half of the year. This combined with a low salary, results in a high poverty rate in the area.

As a result, many people live under very bad conditions with limited or no access to basic necessities such as running water, electricity, functioning sanitation, quality education and health care.

The poverty in the area has impacted on the lives of the youth. The lack of opportunities, the unemployment and a sense of hopelessness are the major causes of substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and gang related crime here. Youth still at school state that they find themselves with nothing to do after school and work hours.